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"Emma leans in and kisses Killian, a kiss so different than their one in Neverland that was full of built-up tension and passion. This kiss was equally passionately but so much more. They tenderly run their fingers through each other’s hair and he sweetly caresses her chin. When they pull apart, they smile serenely and this time Emma does not pull away. He leans in and kisses her again as they both are home, symbolically, with the Storybrooke sign illuminated in the background. It may not have broken a magical curse, but this moment for Emma and Killian was a True Love’s Kiss. Both were guarded, lonely people, but they broke down each other’s walls and found home within each other. And there is nothing more magical than that." (x) - by happinessisblooming for The Nerd Machine

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i swear dez is the most relatable character in this show

last dances & last chances parallels